Medical News Today: Does brain size predict brain cancer risk?

New research suggests that having a larger brain could put people at risk of developing aggressive brain cancer. The findings are likely due to the large number of brain cells involved, the researchers think. New research finds a link between brain size and the risk of brain cancer. According to

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Medical News Today: Do pink Himalayan salt lamps provide any health benefits?

Due to their alleged health benefits, products containing pink Himalayan salt have become very popular in recent years. They also appeal to those wanting to take a more natural approach to their lifestyle. However, there is little to no evidence to support these health claims. This article will focus on

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Meghan Markle Has Emotional Reunion With Fan She Used to Talk to on Instagram

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Meghan Markle made the day of one of her biggest fans in New Zealand. While leaving the Viaduct Harbour in Auckland alongside Prince Harry on Tuesday, the Duchess of Sussex spotted a familiar face in the crowd, her former Instagram pal Hannah Sergel. Prior to shutting down

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